2019 Monster Pineland Amplifiers

Four decades of Motivation is driven by our products most refined guitar and bass amplifiers available since 1969. Monster has been honored of being inspired by many of the best-known and highly talented Finnish musicians who have guided our path to the right direction over the last four decades. The Monster family heritage and legacy of quality excellence strives us to continuously develop our products and services to ensure we keep our quality leadership in the market for many more decades to come. New Monster Pineland product meets the highest quality standards – now with 10 years warranty.

Monster Pineland product family offers wide range of musical audio variations in all power categories. It's impossible to describe all of the available variations and audiospaces, you simply have to hear them live to feel the Monster difference.

2019 Visual Clone Guitars

Research & development started 1989. We offer the far most accurate clones both physically and tonally. Our production methods are much more demanding and time consuming than those used with the general serial production versions available in the market.

2019 Tribute Series

Legendary Artists cloned setups with our production methods.


2019 NEWS:


WELCOME to new MONSTER FACTORY 13.02.2019, Hämeentie 5, Forssa, We start 50th Anniversary Year 2019!

Totally new website are open in April 2019.

2019 Monster Pineland Series: 

1. Monster Pineland 25/50W, 50/100W or 75/150W single channel guitar amplifier
2. Monster Pineland 5/10W, 15/25W, 50/100W dual channel guitar amplifier
3. Monster Pineland 100W, 200W or 300W dual channel bass amplifier
4. Monster Pineland cabinets for guitar and bass

You can order A (American) or B (British) versions.

2019 Visual Clone Guitars "Black & White Series":

1. VCG Fender Telecaster ´63 Heavy Relic Clone
2. VCG Fender Stratocaster ´63 Heavy Relic Clone
3. VCG Gibson LP '59 Heavy Relic Clone
4. VCG Fender Precision ´55 Heavy Relic Clone
5. VCG Fender Jazz Bass ´63 Heavy Relic Clone

2019 "Tribute Series" Setups:

1. "NY Special" Setup
2. "SRV Special" Setup
3. "JH Special" Setup



Updated 05.02.2019