The Monster Tube Amplifiers was first found in Finland during 1969 by Taito Mäntymaa with an idea to design and hand build durable tube amps with superior tone qualities for the professional musicians in Finland. To establish these objectives involved a wide range of ear-to-ear practical studies together with the best musicians in the country.

The Monster amps became the preferred choice for most of the best-known Finnish professional musicians and artists in early 70’s.

Year 2003 we introduced the second generation of Monster amplifiers into the market - Monster Mexican Tube Amplifier product family where all are built by hand and base on 1969 started design development. Now we have time to introduce totally new 2016 Monster Pineland Tube Amplifier product family, Visual Clone Guitar / The Black & White Series and Tribute Series product familys.

The Monster Team

Taito Mäntymaa (Radio/TV-mechanic), long histories in music, sound and electronic design. The founder of Monster Tube Amplifier family. Currently acting as technical support and consultant.

Juha Mäntymaa (Bhd HV-engineer), has been playing guitar for 45 years, passioned for music, guitars and tube amplifiers. The designer and maker of the second-generation Monster Mexican & Pineland Amplifier familys, Visual Clone Guitars and Tribute Series. Domestic and export sales manager.