Monster Factory is a manufacturing and customers testing shop for the whole
Monster Pineland Amplifier family as well for the Visual Clone Guitars.

We also provide wide scale of tube amplifier services including repair and
custom modifications.

Monster Factory is located in Southwestern Finland at the town called Forssa.

Design and production

Monster Pineland Tube Amplifier production follows in many ways with the ones used by the more famous vintage HiFi-tubeamps.

Carefully hand wounded Monster Transformers, extensive knowledge of construction techniques and large reservoir of tone secrets provide a strong foundation for extremely wide dynamic range and superior audio response.

Monster Pineland amplifier production philosophy includes evident over-engineering and innovative design with highest respect for the classic concepts.

Each Monster Pineland amplifier modelís circuit and component layout is designed with the most delicate touch and individual importance.

Design and manufacturing is CE and RoHS compliant.

Every Monster Pineland Tube Amplifier is played and carefully burned-in during the 24h testing and guality control period before the amp leaves the Monster Factory.

Monster amps and cabinets may come with custom made Monster flight case.


All Monster Pineland amps come with 10-year warranty from date of purchase. Tubes and speakers are not included. We are available by phone and email to answer any and all mainetance and service questions you may have.