Privacy policy statement

Privacy policy statement

Article 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

Registrar: Monster Factory
Address: Hämeentie 5, 30100 Forssa
Contact person: Juha Mäntymaa, juha.mantymaa (at)

Name of the registry

Monsteramps Customer Register

Purpose of processing personal data

Processing orders for Monsteramps e-commerce and managing customer relationships. Register information is also used to market Monsteramps services and products.

Content of the register

The system registers the person’s name and contact information that the person gives himself / herself when making an order from the online store.

Regular disclosure of information

Personal information in the system is not disclosed to third parties.

Principles of Registry Security

The systems of the controller are protected by the technical protection methods normally used in the business. Access to the Registry requires a personal user name and password, which is granted only to a member of the Registrar’s staff whose status and tasks are associated with that license.

The right of inspection

Every registrant has the right to check the information stored in the register. Free-form verification requests are emailed to the registry administratorjuha.mantymaa (at)

Right to claim information correction

Every person in the registry has the right to demand that he be corrected for incorrect information in the register. Free-form repair requests are emailed to the registry administrator juha.mantymaa (at)

Other rights related to the processing of personal data

The data subject has the right to request that the data concerning him or her be removed from the register.