Mad Professor PCB Deep Blue Delay

Mad Professor PCB Deep Blue Delay

Deep Blue Delay gives you the sound of a tape delay with a little modulation. The delay circuit is a analog/digital hybrid, the clean signal is kept 100% analog. Can be used in front of an amp or in an effects loop. This is the less-expensive PCB version of DBD.

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  • Controls:
    Level: Sets the ratio between delayed and clean signal. At 7 o’clock there is no delay, at 5 o’clock the ratio is about 50/50.
    Delay: Controls the length of delay, 25ms – 450 ms.
    Repeat: Sets the amount of repeats. At 7 o’clock there is one repeat, at 5 o’clock the repeats are infinite.
  • Power Draw: 9-15 VDC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 32 mA.
  • True Bypass