Mad Professor PCB Snow White Auto Wah GB

Mad Professor PCB Snow White Auto Wah GB

Gives you more control than any other autowah available. The best autowah in the world according to Nile Rodgers. The new version works with guitar and bass alike.

188,00  (inc. VAT).
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  • Controls:
    Sensitivity:Sets the sensitivity of the filter. Set this to fit your guitar’s (or basses) output and your playing touch.
    Bias: Sets the resonance frequency of the filter, in other words is the tone control of the auto wah.
    Resonance: Sets the Q-factor/sharpness of the effect.
    Decay: Controls the speed the filter closes. Gets faster towards 5 o’clock. Slower decay sounds more like a regular wah.
    Guitar/Bass Switch: Adjusts the sweep frequency. In Bass setting the filter is dropped one octave down from Guitar setting.
  • Power Draw: 9 VDC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 15 mA.
  • True Bypass