Monster Pineland 112A/B Cabinet

Monster Pineland 112A/B Cabinet

Monster Pineland Guitar Cabinets are designed to achieve optimum audio performance with Monster Pineland Guitar Amplifiers. The Pineland cabinet consists of a 15mm finger-locked solid pine frame and birch plywood, with an external or internal handle and massive rubber pads. We use duraluminium at the interface between the body and the front, due to its superior properties. The cabinets are made semi open or closed back plate, as well as a reflex version. We use EVM 12L Classic, Celestion Heritage / Classic Series and Jensen AlNiCo elements. The cabinets are hand made by Juha Mäntymaa.

After ordering, you will receive an email or phone call from us to confirm the desired options and delivery terms together.

Reservation fee 350,00  (inc. VAT).
Total price 500 – 800 € (incl. VAT) depending on cabinet.
Delivery time 3 months.

5 years
Handmade in Finland


  • 1 x EVM 12L Classic speaker 200W RMS / 8 ohm (American version)
  • Semi-open 15mm finger jointed solid pine cabinet with aircraft aluminium interface
  • Black & Red Tolex or Black & Ivory White Tolex
  • Black grill gloth or Black Diamond grill gloth
  • Inset handle and massive rubber paws
  • 450mm H x 600mm W x 300mm D
  • Weight ~17kg
  • All hand made by Juha Mäntymaa


  • American version with EVM or Jensen and British verison with Celestion
  • 1 x 10″ (400mm H x 500mm W x 300mm D), 500€
  • 1 x12″ (450mm H x 600mm W x 300mm D), 700€
  • 1 x 15″ (500mm H x 600mm W x 300mm D), 800€
  • EVM 12L Classic speaker, +150€
  • Custom Tolex or Antique Tweed and Custom grill cloth, +50€
  • Monster flight case, 1 x 10″ +345€ or 1 x 12″ and 1 x 15″ +395€